Are you looking for a tool company which will provide you with the highest quality production, injection, or blowing molds? Well-qualified engineer staff, first-class production and the best materials guarantee functional success of each tool made by us. It can be confirmed by multiple realisations carried out by us throughout over a dozen of years of experience.

We are working for various industries all over the world. We represent the best values of the Greater Poland quality.

I encourage you to pursue the contents of the website and I look forward to our co-operaton.

Our Offer

EBM - Blow Molds

Do you produce packagings out of
synthetic materials?
You have come to the right place.

IM - Injection Molds

The tiniest detail is crucial if the end product is to become a success
on the market.

T&S-Tools and Services

Service and repair of Molds / Tools. Machine tooling, individual orders, co-operation.


Tools of low production quality result in poor efficiency, high failure frequency, and manufacturing defects. TOOLPROJECT POLCYN Sp. z o.o. does not compromise as far as the quality of produced tools is concerned.

They are produced by qualified staff possessing knowledge of methods concerning steel processing, selection of materials, methods of optimising materials, using modern coatings and optimising the production process.

The internal procedure of quality control guarantees the proper making of each detail throughout the production process.

Each of our end products is tested and given a certificate.

CNC machines


EBM - Blow Molds

Realised Projects since 2010